"Mister marks can you find for me 
Someone strong and sweet fitting on my knee 
She can keep her job if she gets it wrong 
Ah, but mister marks I won't need her long 
All I need is help for a little while 
We can take dictation and learn to smile 
And a temporary secretary is what I need for to do the job

Mister marks could you send her quick 
'cause my regular has been getting sick

Mister marks I can pay her well 
If she comes along and can stay a spell 
I will promise now that I'll treat her right 
And will rarely keep her 'til late at night

She can be a belly dancer 
I don't need a need romancer 
She can be a diplomat 
But I don't need a girl like that 
She can be a neurosurgeon 
If she's doin' nothing' urgent 
Now mister marks when I send her back 
Will you please make sure she stays on the right track

Well I know how hard it is for young girls these days in the face of everything to stay on
The right track

What I need's a 
Temporary secretary, temporary secretary 
Temporary secretary, temporary secretary."

by Paul McCartney